April 23, 2024

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Buy Kamado Joe and Ooni Pizza Ovens at Discounted Rate from BBQs 2u

Each company has a USP that makes it stand out from the competition. The same goes with BBQs 2u, the leading barbecue retailer in the UK. They do not just sell any ordinary barbecues, but they deal in the best brands and their wide array of products. They are affiliated with brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Ooni Pizza ovens, and Napoleon BBQs.

They understand what customers are looking for and that is why they deal in only those products that are much in demand. The company always remains updated with the latest technology which was observed when they launched the Masterbuilt Gravity series in the UK market. Another example is introducing the Kamado Joe DoJoe – Pizza Oven.

The Kamado Joe is transformed into a pizza oven with the help of the sturdy cast aluminium DoJoe. This is suitable for both novice and experienced chefs. Its unique trilateral design allows the user to sustain consistent temperatures ranging from 400 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit for hours while allowing them to move around freely and to watch their pizza being prepared. The Kamado Joe Heat Deflectors and Kamado Joe Pizza Stone have dedicated support to ensure the best possible crust and crisp toppings.

  • Each raw pizza placed on the stone reduces the temperature of the cooking surface by 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The warmth of a wood-fired kitchen appliance’s roof keeps the pizza from being too hot on the rock bottom.
  • When planning a party, it’s important to keep this in mind: If the stone sits empty in the grill for 10-15 minutes between pizzas, the temperature might rise significantly.

Another pizza oven that BBQs 2u believes in is from the Ooni brand. When Ooni introduced the world’s first transportable pellet pizza oven, they completely changed the face of outdoor cooking. They continue to characterize the pizza oven for outdoor appliance category with the introduction of more pizza oven models. Now, their collection comprises of Ooni Koda 16, Ooni Koda, Ooni Karu, Ooni professionals and Ooni Fyra, as well as an all-inclusive range of essential accessories, merchandise, and tools, to provide Ooni users with the most convenient preparation experience possible.

The greatest selling point for Ooni pizza ovens is that their models can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius and can cook pizzas in under 60 seconds. Thus, whether you prefer the flavour of a wood-fired pizza or the convenience of a gas-powered pizza, it works in both ways. The Ooni ovens are lightweight, weighing 10 kg in comparison to traditional ones that weigh 100 kgs and appropriate for outdoor use. They make the ideal partner to the one who enjoys grilling, despite how small and light they are. It’s easy to store and adds a nice touch to any room in the house.

BBQs 2u understands the needs of Britons and therefore the business ensures it provides all things that they are looking for. Check their Facebook account profile to know more about the business and upcoming sales. Last month’s bank Holiday Sale increased the sale of Kamado Joe, which was sold at a 10% discount at BBQs 2u.