May 24, 2024

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How can Grass-fed Beef Help Your Health?

There are two types of meat you can generally rely upon. One is the traditional meat while the other is the grass-fed ones. The former is achieved from cows grown in crowded areas that are usually stressed out. They are hopped up medicine to display robust growth. On the other hand, grass-fed cows are raised naturally and are a better option. They are brought up in much safer environments and are incredibly healthy. So going with grass-fed beef will feed you with a range of benefits, which are discussed below.

Low in fat and calories

The grass-fed beef has 2/3rd of the fat and calories lower than traditional meat. Eating around 66.5 pounds of beef a year and switching to the grass-fed variant will save about 17,000 calories in a year. Even if your entire diet remains the same, you will lose around six pounds on average.

Antibiotic and hormone-free

The feedlot cows are injected with antibiotics to keep them well. When you consume these meats, you also consume the antibiotics with them. Besides this, they are also injected with a good number of hormones like RBST to make them grow faster. Switching to grass-fed cows is a good option since they are free of these injections.

Tastes better

One cannot deny that grass-fed meat tastes better than traditional meat. This beef has a very earthy and subtle flavor, mainly arising from the cows’ varied diet. To make the meat taste even better, you can incorporate a bit of spice and cook it in a little butter to enhance the flavors.

Higher in healthy fats

The grass-fed beef has the perfect ratio of omega-3. These meats have 2-4 times more omega-3-fatty acid than traditional beef.

Decreased risk of heart diseases

Omega 3-fatty acids are good fats. They have a significant role in every cell and part of our body. They are also very heart-friendly. People who consume omega 3-fatty acids are less likely to have heart problems or high blood pressure. They are 50% less likely to suffer from heart attacks.

More vitamins and minerals

The grass-fed beef is highly nutrient dense and has a high micronutrient profile. They also have higher proportions of Vitamins B, D, and iron along with high carotenoid content due to the tall grass diet.

Switch to Papa Earth grass-fed beef today and improve both your diet and health.