April 23, 2024

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What are the different easy cookies for Halloween?

Do you want to surprise your guests with some simple and cheap Halloween cookies? We teach you how to prepare easy Galician cookies for Halloween.

Halloween cookies

The arrival of Halloween gives us the excuse to prepare all kinds of sweets with the most terrifying and fun shapes. We will prepare delicious cookies you can prepare with your little ones at home and enjoy Halloween.


As you will see, sometimes it is unnecessary to have expensive or difficult-to-handle ingredients; with a little creativity, you can achieve very funny results with the usual ingredients. If you have leftovers, you can use them in other simple recipes.

On this occasion, we share a recipe for super easy cookies that you can also combine with other Halloween recipes such as

  • Oreo Ghosts
  • Mummies for Halloween
  • Witch Fingers
  • Oreo cookie spiders


for the cookies

  • 250 gr pastry flour
  • 100g sugar
  • 100 g butter at room temperature
  • Two eggs (reserve one egg white)
  • ground cinnamon (optional)

To decorate the cookies

    • Reserved egg white
    • grated coconut
    • White chocolate
    • Dark chocolate


Cookie dough

In a bowl, put the butter at room temperature and add the sugar with the cinnamon. Stir well until a kind of cream remains.

Then add the eggs, reserving a white and continue stirring; also add the flour and knead well so that all the ingredients are well mixed and you have a dough that you can spread.

Put the oven to heat to a temperature of about 170º, and while we are going to shape the cookies, put a little flour on a flat surface and spread the dough, leaving a thickness of one centimetre or so to taste.

With the Halloween cookie cutters, start making cookies and place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Then, with the leftover dough, you make a ball again, spread it out and repeat the operation until there is nothing left.


Before putting them in the oven, pumpkins can put a little orange marmalade on top and put in the oven for about 12 minutes.

You will see how you have some easy cookies for Halloween in a short time and how your house smells incredibly good.


At this time, we prepare the ingredients for the decoration:


Put an egg white on a plate and beat it; next to it, put a plate with a little grated coconut. Then, take the ghosts, paint them white, and pour the coconut on top.


With a homemade pastry bag made with a bit of parchment paper, pour in some melted dark chocolate and make a pumpkin drawing.


We have put both black cats with melted dark chocolate and cats with white chocolate; all you have to do is paint them with a kitchen brush that we have previously dipped in the colour we want to give them.


We painted the bats with melted dark chocolate to give them more volume. We waited until the chocolate was a little denser.


Although the recipe we have explained to you for cookies for Halloween is easy and delicious, you may want to try something different, and for that, there is nothing like making one with chocolate.


The recipe we will propose is some delicious cookies with a chocolate top base and a witch hat decoration, perfect for Halloween.

Let’s see how to make these cookies; we start with the ingredients.


One envelope of dough to make Betty Crocker cookies like the one we see in the photo above (if you can’t find it, you can make the dough we explained for the first cookies).

  • Three tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • One tablespoon of water
  • One egg
  • One bag of couverture chocolate to melt
  • small ice cream cones
  • 15 pretzel sticks, broken in half
  • Crushed and grated wheat cereals


The first thing we have to do is heat the oven to 120 degrees. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix the cookie envelope (or the previously made dough) with the oil, water and the egg until a smooth dough forms.

In the baking trays with a little oil, place the dough by round tablespoons to the size you want, but they must all be the same and keep the same distance.

The whole dough is baked between 9 and 11 minutes or until it sets: remove from the trays when they are still somewhat hot (carefully). Let it cool completely.

We melt the cocoa or chocolate and melt it in the microwave or a water bath. Once everything is undone, with the help of a spoon, pour a little chocolate to cover the cookie.


Let’s cool, and meanwhile, we can make the witch hats. We can cover the small ice cream cones with the chocolate still melting. It doesn’t have to be the whole cone with the tip, and a little more will suffice.

Once we have made our hats, we place them on top of the cookie so that it cools and stays fixed (if you want, make the cones before placing the melted chocolate on the cookie so you can stick everything and keep it).

To make the broom, take a pretzel and cut it to be the broomstick; you can make the hairs with the grated grain of wheat.