May 23, 2024

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What are the melting categories of cheese, and which is the best for burgers?

At a glance:

  • Cheese is categorized into three kinds based on its melting ability.
  • The best melting cheese for burgers.
  • Where to find the best melting cheese for burgers in Australia?

The best cheese to use on burgers is the one you love the most. A good melting cheese does not leach water when heated and does not break but melts perfectly, forming a smooth texture. Whichever cheese you wish to use for your burgers, it should melt consistently.

Seeing gooey semi-liquid cheese dripping from the buns makes the burger more pleasing. So, burger restaurants should go for a good melting cheese that can please customers thoroughly without messing up a good burger with cheap cheese that does not melt well.

Cheese is known for its different features like taste, texture, and melt. People love cheese that pairs well with the flavour of meat, pickles, onion, and tomato on their burgers. Any burger nerd would love the goodness of gooey and creamy layers of cheese on their burgers, and it is possible only with good melting cheese.

To create a good balance of flavour and texture of cheese for burgers, restaurant chefs should be introduced to different melting cheese categories.

Introduction to Melting Categories of Cheese

Based on its melting ability, cheese is categorized into three different categories – soft, semi-hard, and hard cheese. Restaurants are known to use different melting cheese categories for their burgers. Each category of melting cheese adds distinct characteristics to burgers, and these categories can be used shrewdly to create a range of burger flavours and textures.

Soft Cheese (Low Melting Cheese) – Low melting cheese (soft cheese) is such cheese that melts easily and has high moisture content. Such cheese does not hold its shape when heated. Instead of cooking soft cheese with a patty, they can be used as toppings on burgers. They have a creamy texture, idle to use as toppings.

Semi-Hard Cheese (Medium Melting Cheese) – Such cheese has moderate moisture content and melts evenly. You can use them as a primary cheese for burger cooking. They are also suitable for preparing cheese found and used as toppings on burgers. They have pliable textures.

Hard Cheese (High Melting Cheese) – This has low moisture content and melts into stretchy consistency after being heated. Hard cheese is idle to cook with patties, and they do not break or become greasy. Because of the hi-melting point, hard cheese is used as a primary burger cheese across many restaurants. Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese and THINS burger cheese are both high-melting cheeses.

The Best Melting Cheese for Restaurant Burgers?

As cheese selection is viscerally personal, people use varieties of cheese in their regular burgers. The options restaurants have when choosing a good melting cheese for burgers create a versatile burger menu for their restaurants.

However, the sheer plenitude of options also has a downside. Gradually trying out several varieties of melting cheese for burgers demands time and effort, and even a single bad burger can tarnish the image of restaurants. Instead, restaurants can use cheeses that have already been put to the test and have yielded better results for other restaurant owners.

If you google the list of good melting cheese for burgers, you will come across several options. But not every cheese sets the standard in burger cooking. Pure Dairy’s American cheese slices for burgers are the bestselling burger cheese in Australia and are used by professional chefs across restaurants in Australia. Their American cheese (hi-melt cheese and THINS cheese) has set the standard in burger cheese for its unmatched melt ability and rich flavour profile.

Best Melting Cheese from Pure Dairy

In terms of good melting, medium-melting cheese, and high-melting cheese are front runners for burgers. Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese is recognized as the best burger cheese in Australia because of its high melting point, rich flavour, and visually appealing features.

A cheese that maintains its shape and texture when heated without becoming greasy or releasing water is ideal for burgers. Such cheese will also spread gradually over the patty and give the burger a visually appealing look. An example of this type of cheese is Pure Dairy’s hi-melt American burger cheese, which has a sharp, savoury flavour that pairs well with beef patty, caramelized onions, and bacon, which is a favourite of some people.

THINS cheese from Pure Dairy delivers the same features as hi-melt cheese. But THINS cheese comes in fine thin slices. They are more economical slices for burger restaurants as they hardly create any leftovers while cooking burgers. They are of idle size for restaurant patties. Chefs can directly use THINS cheese slices on patties right off the packing.

People always have unique and personal preferences regarding their cherished burgers. But from a professional standpoint, using high-quality cheese from Pure Dairy (hi-melt chees and THINS cheese) is a better approach. You can source them from Pure Dairy in bulk, so it is economical to purchase them. Their unrivalled melt ability and consistency across varieties of burgers is the icing on the cake.