May 24, 2024

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What is the best temperature to store cheese sauce?

Cheese sauce is a delightful accompaniment for many cheese lovers and food establishments never fail to include cheese-filled dishes on their menus. This cheese-by-product has gradually climbed the ranks in the food and hospitality business around the globe. The lava-like smooth cheesy item is a statement of versatility and many foodies around Australia pair it with burgers, nachos, french fries, chicken nuggets, macaroni, and many more.

The best thing about cheese sauce is it can be served both cold and hot. This means you can prepare your it beforehand and use it later. Cheese sauce is prepared by cooking cheese with milk, butter, (and in some cases another kind of cheese) for additional flavour and texture. Since it is basically melted cheese there is the chance that your cheese sauce will go off over time and may not qualify as a good edible. To avoid letting your cheese sauce turn bad the best option is to store it properly.

Cheese items are preserved best by storing them at a favourable temperature. The same goes for cooking cheese sauce. If you overheat your cheese, all the moisture will evaporate and you will be left with a sauce that won’t be great for eating. While cooking cheese sauce, you must choose the temperature you are going to store your sauce at. Leaving cheese sauce at room temperature is fine if you consume it within two hours. Bacteria will grow rapidly at room temperature and will contaminate your cheese sauce if kept open for long hours.

The best way to preserve your cheese sauce is by freezing it. Within two hours of cooking or unpacking, refrigerate your sauce in a freezer bag or airtight container. Air sealed bags/ containers help avoid freezer burn which is a result of continuous evaporation. While frozen at 0°F, it becomes easy to increase the shelf life of your sauce. You can freeze your sauce for several months and it retains its taste. Reheat the sauce moderately and stir it properly, your cheese sauce will be as good as fresh for eating.

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